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 Family Dental Care is excited to offer Opalescence in 2017.  Opalescence is a highly effective at home bleaching treatment. 

Our goal is to provide our patients with pleasant dental experiences..  As a team, we are highly committed to educate, motivate, encourage and inspire our patients to become actively involved in preventive dentistry.

We strive to incorporate the latest technology into our practice to better serve our patients.

At Family Dental care we are excited to introduce to you a revolutionary diagnostic tool.  This tool will help us detect the smallest areas of tooth decay before they turn into larger issues. The Diagnodent allows us to be more accurate, with less guess work. How cool is that?





Guardian Life Insurance Company of American has invited Ann L Lagonegro to be on a list of non-participating dentist that have demonstrated cost-effective treatment protocols.  This list can be found on www.GuardianLife.comWelcome Guardian subscribers!